Employment Position Available

Primary In-Home (Lead) Therapist

Company: Shorehaven Behavioral Health
Title of Position and Supervisor Title: Primary In-Home (Lead) Therapist

Supervisor: Clinic Manager

Clinical Case Supervisor: Licensure supervisor for the job holder’s profession or peer supervision team

Assigned Organizational Unit (e.g., department) In-Home Services Program
Job Overview and Classification
  • This is an exempt position which is commissioned, full or part time.
  • Therapist may spend part of the work week in the role of Senior Psychotherapist (Outpatient Psychotherapist)
  • The Primary In-Home Therapist in a full time role provides 28-40 hours per week of psychotherapy for seriously emotionally disturbed [SED] children and adolescents and their families in the home, including billable travel time.
  • The Therapist uses up-to-date skills in individual and family therapy.
  • The Therapist will educate families and modify family systems.
  • The therapist will assess the behavioral and developmental needs of SED children or children in Protective Services, as well as their psychiatric problems and needs, and will create and execute an individualized treatment plan for the child, taking into account change in the child’s ecosystem.
  • The Therapist will supervise a Second In-Home Therapist on each SED case. The Therapist will work closely with many family resources with each family in order to develop
    1. a more functional ecosystem in the family and surrounding the family,
    2. more functional intrapsychic, attachment, affective, and cognitive systems within the child,
    3. a positive awareness for SBH with POs, MDs, Special Education teachers, School Social Workers and Counselors, Assistant Principals, Care Managers, and others in the ecosystem in order facilitate referrals to SBH.
Position qualifications: (experience, skills, eduction, licence)
  • Masters degree or Doctorate in a mental health field
  • 3000+ hours of supervised work experience with letter from state of Wisconsin to that effect (Approved Provider status) or Licensure
  • WI License or Certification as a LPC, LCSW, CAPSW, LMFT, ATR, or LP (must accomplish within 180 days of employment if eligible)
  • NPI number and Medicaid provider number (if not already in hand, must be eligible)
  • Experience with assessment, treatment planning, and services to SED children
  • Skills in family therapy - MFT training is optional, but helpful
  • Must have car, license, $100000/300000 insurance and cell phone
  • Must have malpractice insurance through Shorehaven’s policy
  • AODA training is optional, but helpful
Major Duites and Responsibilities
  • Provide in-home therapy 28-40 hours per week on the average, although part-time employees are welcome. Part time is a minimum half-time commitment with average of 14 billable hours per week
  • Maintain a high standard of care consistent with SBH standards, certification/licensing board standards, and standards of the appropriate professional organization (AAMFT, ACA, APA, NAADAC, NASW). Even if you are not a member of a professional organization, you are bound by its standards and ethics code as the standards for your profession.
  • Apply knowledge of psychosocial practice
  • Perform accurate, thorough assessments
  • Effective behavioral treatment planning
  • Apply up-to-date treatment skills, follow through
  • Obtain Health Check forms, prescriptions
  • Timely completion of prior authorization requests and treatment plans
  • Work with treatment team and consultants
  • Supervise second therapists adequately
  • Complete files in timely, legible, thorough fashion
  • Work closely with care coordinators, case workers
  • Connect with physicians, PO’s, attorneys, etc.
  • Connect with educational institutions connected with clients
  • Billing is complete and timely
  • Willing to work a ‘second shift’ (1:00-8:00) and possibly Saturday schedule
  • Develop skills in multi-systems and Wraparound philosophy
  • Develop skills in trauma-informed care and attachment theory
  • Excellent communications with care mangers, team members, and others involved with cases
  • Participate in clinical staffings and supervision
  • Philosophy of continuous improvement
Accountability and Benchmarks You are hired not merely to perform a job function, but because we believe your skills will make those job functions aneffective, integral, and important part of the growth of your department and SBH and contribute to the welfare of your colleagues, our patients, and the community.

You will be making a contribution to the profitability from which you and your team members will benefit.

Every duty and expectation is your contribution to the welfare of the entire team, the company, yourself, and the welfare of your clients.

Customers for Your Job Functions:

Clients – to enhance the well-being, health, quality of life, and lifestyle functioning of clients
Referral Sources – to think of SBH as the premier, ‘go-to’ provider, to make their work easier because they know they can rely upon Shorehave

Supervisor – to contribute to the department team as well as anyone can, to honor the wisdom and experience of your supervisors and consultants

Company – maximize productivity and billable client hours, documentation is timely

Yourself – work with us on your career development and your job-satisfaction to make this your long-term career job

Assessment. Schedule and complete screenings and assessment, thoroughly and competently
Comprehensive screen for mental health problems, AODA problems, Family systems, etc.
Benchmark: Each Assessment is thorough, with all paperwork completed within 48 hours, clients competently assessed

Data: Chart review

Documentation. Contact professionals associated with the patient, with patient’s written permission; acquire past records; coordinate care. (i.e., Low level Case Management)
Procure and document all authorizations and reauthorizations.
With patient, complete treatment plan.
Document all contacts with and about the client and complete all required records in a timely manner, including discharge, following program policies.
Benchmark: The “low level case management” is completed for each case.
Treatment plans are complete and reflect behavioral, thoughtful approach.
Authorizations are timely and there are no gaps in the authorization dates.
Discharge client charts within 30 days of final appointment.
100% match between billing dates and documentation.Billing Logs are sent in weekly or more often and are accurate.

Data: Chart review. Billing log review.

Clinical. Orient new patients to the treatment.
Provide individual and family counseling to high professional standards of skill and effectiveness.
Benchmark: 85% positive outcomes
Data: Discharge summary reviews.
Client satisfaction surveys.
Client outcome data
Evaluation by Supervisor and self-evaluation.
No complaints filed by clients.
Consultation and Referral. Staff cases with program peer
consultation team, PhD, MD, as appropriate to the case
Arrange psychiatric appointments for patients, as indicated.
Refer for additional or alternative services, as indicated.
Work collaboratively with supervisors and team members.
Transfer cases in ethical manner
Benchmark: Staff all cases per Medicaid and DHS35/DHS75 standards.
Participate in team building, strategic planning, and assignments.

Data: Evaluation by Supervisor and self-evaluation.
Chart audit to verify Treatment Plan Record of Review forms

Professional. Maintain certifications, including completion of continuing education requirements.
Follow the requirements of program policy manual.
Set and follow through on learning goals
Progress on an certifications as expeditiously as possible.
Maintain a professional, collegial manner at all times.
Complete any required
CEUs in timely manner
Develop skills and competencies.
Benchmark: All licenses and certifications are renewed before expiration.
All continuing education requirements are met or exceeded.
Set and complete annual learning goals.
No ethical or professional complaints.

Data: Staff file audit.
Evaluation by Supervisor and self-evaluation.
Attend & contribute to staffings, peer review, departmental meetings, staff meetings

Corporate and Programmatic. Assist in marketing and program development as directed by your supervisor. This is a job function. Benchmark: Contribute ‘leads’ through contacts arising out of personal and case contacts.
Attend exhibits, meetings.
“Go the extra mile” to develop the program.

Data: Report of lead development.
Evaluation by Supervisor and self-evaluation.

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