Shorehaven Behavioral Health believes that access to care is critical to your recovery.

We accept the following payment options:

  • Most Commercial Insurance Plans
  • Badgercare Plus/Medicaid
  • Family Care
  • Medicare
  • Private Self-Pay


Our commitment extends to everyone, even if you don’t have access to health insurance, or if you don’t think you can afford services. We offer the option to apply for our Sliding Fee Discount Program. This program helps people who have no health insurance, or those who have only limited health insurance, so that they can get the mental health or substance use recovery care that they need.

To apply for the Sliding Fee Program you must talk with one of our referral specialists who will explain the program, the types of documents that are needed for proper identification, and your proof of income. Approval for the program is based on family size and combined household income in accordance with the current year Federal Poverty Guidelines.

You can only be evaluated for participation to receive a discount under the Sliding Fee Scale if you provide the required documentation.

If you are enrolled in other assistance programs, (such as Badgercare), we cannot accept a payment based on the sliding fee schedule in lieu of using your insurance.

If you have any questions, please contact our referral specialists at (414) 540-2170 who can assist you.

Contact Us at: (414) 540-2170

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